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Do-it-Yourself Credit Repair Course

Learning that you have bad credit cannot possibly come at a good time. You were probably applying for credit to buy something you really need; a new credit card, cell phone, or car loan, furniture or maybe even a house or an apartment. GET STARTED NOW


After you were denied, you probably checked your credit reports and were surprised to find one or several negative accounts tarnishing your credit scores. Or perhaps you were not sure what to make of the information listed there! It can be daunting, intimidating and cause much despair. 

Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair Course: The Benefits

The very instant that students began to look over our comprehensive Credit Repair course, hope begins to return. The logical step by step process is easy to follow and provides both background information and specific instructions you will follow to improve your credit.

There are 4 sections and 22 lessons, each providing a video to listen to the information and text format to facilitate studying. Also included is an ever-growing set of letter templates you will use to write disputes to the credit bureaus and/or collection agencies. At the end of each lesson is a test the student must pass before proceeding to the next lesson.

REPAIRING YOUR CREDIT – The first section of the course gives an in-depth explanation of credit bureaus, credit reports and your credit score. You will learn how your score is calculated and which factors weigh more on your score than others.  The lessons in this section are as follows:

REPAIR Part 1. Introduction to Repairing Credit
REPAIR Part 2 – Understanding Credit Bureaus And Agencies
REPAIR Part 3 – Understanding A credit Report
REPAIR Part 4- Understanding How Credit Repair Works
REPAIR Part 5 How To Get Your Credit Report
REPAIR Part 6- How To Read Your Credit Report
REPAIR Part 7 -How to File a Dispute
REPAIR Part 8 – How to send Your Dispute The Right Way
REPAIR Part 9 – Deleting Collection Accounts

ESTABLISHING YOUR CREDIT – This lesson discusses credit monitoring options as well as the types of credit score models used by the different credit reporting agencies. We also help you understand just what score you’re seeing and why you will sometimes see differences in your score from bureau to bureau. We also provide some possible steps to take to start establishing your credit after the negative items have been removed. The lessons in this section are as follows:

Establishing Your Credit Introduction
Establishing Your Credit Part 1 Monitoring Your Credit Score
Establishing Your Credit Part 2 Being an Authorized User
Establishing Your Credit Part 3 Secured Credit Cards and Loans
Establishing Your Credit Part 4 The Next Steps

BUILDING YOUR CREDIT – After you have established a little bit of credit on your report, the next step is to begin building up your credit profile and raising your score. The lessons in this section are as follows:

Building Credit Introduction?
Building Credit Part 1 Paying On Time
Building Credit Part 2 Credit Utilization?
Building Credit Part 3 Age of Credit Profile
Building Credit Part 4 Credit Mix

LEVERAGING YOUR CREDIT – Now that you have established good credit, this section is designed to teach you how to use that good credit to generate wealth instead of debt. For example, financing a car produces debt. Financing a house to flip produces wealth. The lessons in this section are as follows:

Leveraging Credit Introduction
Leveraging Credit Part 1 Personal and Business Credit
Leveraging Credit Part 2 Money Generating Options
Leveraging Credit Part 3 Maintaining Financial Stability
Leveraging Credit Part 4 Wrapping It Up

Over the course of these lessons, your credit and financial standing are going to undergo some remarkable changes. As you start to see your credit increase, you’ll also begin to notice all of the related benefits that come with having a good credit score. You’ll be able to get approved for more credit cards and as long as you continue to use them responsibly, you’ll have higher credit limits while paying lower interest rates. 

In this DIY credit repair guide, you’ will learn things that are going to change your life and lifestyle. The first thing you need to know is this: You don’t have to carry the burden of bad credit for the rest of your life. GET STARTED NOW